Additional Hurricane Irene Videos

Here are a bunch of additional Hurricane Irene videos that were taken this morning.

Veronica and I decided to take a brief drive to see what Hurricane Irene has left behind

Colington Fire Department personal driving around to make sure everyone was safe and sound and to observe the any damage from Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene Update...Yes Again!!!

I am in the process of putting together quite a number of Hurricane Irene videos. I got a lot. It will take me a bit to get them uploaded and hopefully the electricity will stay on until I am finished.
I will get them uploaded as soon as possible.

Videos Of Hurricane Irene

Here are a few videos taken from the safety of my garage. The winds are supposed to pick up quite a bit as the day goes by. I will be uploading more in a bit depending on whether the electricity stays on.

Morning Hurricane Irene Update

Last night Veronica and I started to sleep downstairs in "Command Central" but due to how small the 1st floor interior bathroom is, we ended up moving ourselves just outside of the bathroom door. This area is a small hallway that leads to our computer room. We had put all kinds of comforters and blankets on top of the carpet in order to have some type of cushioning to make it more comfortable.
After sleeping there for a brief period of time, we woke up sore and stiff and moved up to our bedroom, which is on the 2nd floor.
We slept until about 7 this morning. The wind had picked up some and the rain was coming down pretty hard.
We emptied the tub, which we had filled with water. Took a quick shower and filled the tub back up.
Then it was coffee time.
The wind has really picked up.
Our electricity might go down. the lights have flickered off and on a couple of times and the electricity is out in other areas around us.
I will be trying to get some videos and photos this morning.
I wanted to get a quick blog entry before the electricity went out.
Landfall for Hurricane Irene was at 7:38AM at Cape lookout, NC.
Will be back in a while unless we lose our power.
More updates to follow.
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