A Little Of This And A Little Of That

This last Monday I went in and had an MRI done on my hip and upper leg area. I had to lay on this hard, slightly padded bed for 1 1/2 hours.
I was immobilized from my waist down and I had to remain very still while the machine was doing its thing.
The "bed" that I was laying on, moved me into this big tube. I had my arms folded on my chest and I could feel the sides of the tube kind of squeeze my arms.
There was not much room in there...very confining. I do not like being cooped up in tight quarters and had a hard time dealing with the procedure.
By tilting my head back just a bit, I could get a view of the real world outside of this tube that I was confined in. By seeing this little piece of the outside world and by letting my mind drift to better places, I was able to combat any upcoming anxiety attacks that I felt that I was on the brink of.
Then there was the sounds that the machine made while it was doing its things. It started as a couple of loud clicks...like the machine was adjusting itself before unloading its menacing banging sounds once it really got started.
I had to wear earplugs but they were no match for the banging sounds.
After getting about 2/3 of the way through the procedure, I had to get some contrast media injected into my blood system.
Another 15-20 minutes of loud banging and I was finally finished.
I was sweating up a storm while in the machine. This machine has to do with magnets and magnetic fields. I won't even try to act as if I know what it was all about or how it worked. All I do know for sure is that the machine generated a lot of heat and that I was very grateful when my procedure was finally complete.
Let me tell you...the cool fresh air felt fantastic.
I have a doctors appointment in a couple of weeks, at which time I will get the results from my MRI.
Veronica and I have been trying to figure out what to do for next years vacation.
We were thinking about going to Las Vegas in February for 5 days but after doing more thinking about it, we decided against that idea.
Next week we will be going to Williamsburg for a couple of days, just to get away for a few days and take in the sights and smells of Fall.
It looks like we will be going back up to Canada during the last couple of weeks in September.
It will be nice to do some fishing again.  
I had to send my camera in to get fixed. I was getting lines going across the bottom of numerous photos. I have no idea what would cause the lines but after seeing them on several of my photos that I took during our Baltic Capitals cruise, I knew that I needed to get it looked at and fixed before our next adventure.
We had to get Veronica a new camera a few weeks ago. The Kodak Easy Share camera that she had quite working properly. The flash would not work at all.
Since the camera was fairly old and it would have probably cost more to get it fixed than it would to get a new one....we got her a new one.
If my camera is not back from the shop by the time we go to Williamsburg, we will take hers so that I can take photos using her camera.
Hard to believe that we are mid way through October already. Time sure has been flying by as of lately.
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