Photos From Our Budapest And Prague Adventures Part #5

We continue our day in Cesky Krumlov

 It has been a tradition for Veronica and I to stand on a manhole cover or some type of street marker that shows where we are in the world

The Vltava River is the longest river within the Czech Republic and it runs through Cesky Krumlov

Street performer minus the real monkey

Town Square with the Plague Column. The Column commemorates the city surviving the plague of the 17th century

 Wooden bench with a view

Rafters approaching the man made rapids on the Vltava River in Cesky Krumlov
 And down they go

 Whew...they made it
 They got through the rapids unscathed...i think...
 Whats this???

 What's going on here? Why are you stopping in the calmest waters on the river. You made it safely through the scariest part of the rapids...
 Oh I get it now. The rough rapids scared the p--ss out of you but right in front of the whole town????

 A couple in period garb

This concludes Part #5 of our Budapest to Prague Adventures. 
Part #6 and the conclusion of our adventures to follow...

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