We Have Arrived In Corfu Part #2

This is Part#2 of our visit to Corfu, Greece:
Welcome to the Fish Spa..your feet will thank you for bringing them along

5 euros and you get all of this

Let the fishy feeding frenzy begin

Closeup of one of the little nibblers

Still early in the morning and the streets are fairly quiet

The crowds are just starting and by early afternoon the area was packed with tourists from 2 other cruise lines along with ours...minimum of 6,000 people in a rather small Old Town area

A hair cutting school

Public fountain

Old Fort In Corfu

Some of the boats in Corfu harbor

Can't think of a better way to end a fun filled day...a little sunset and glowing blue light action

We Have Arrived In Corfu, Greece Part #1

Today is Monday, October 5th and we have arrived in Corfu, Greece. I woke up early this morning and went out on our balcony. I was greeted this morning by a beautiful sunrise. The colors were fantastic. The sunrise was so vibrant that it did not take long to hear those familiar sounds of my camera taking photos.
After getting some breakfast we headed out and took a local shuttle from where our ship was docked to the terminal building. Once outside of the terminal building it was an approximately 25 minute walk into Old Town Corfu. We were in town before many of the shops even opened up. It gave us the opportunity to walk some of the back streets before the crowds got there. We spent our day just walking around, doing some shopping and taking in some of the sights of Corfu. The highlight of our visit was our visit to the "Fish Spa". Veronica and I had seen these "Fish Spas" on our last visit to the Greek Isles and because we did not  try it out we had been talking about doing it ever since. So what is a "Fish Spa" you might ask....well it is a place that has several clean tanks of a certain species of fish that eat the dead skin off of your feet. For only 5 euros you are provided with a treat that you won't forget soon. We walked into one of the several "Fish Spas" in the city. You pay the girl 5 euros for each of you. The girl ask you to take off any and all footwear. She then has you sit on a stool with a cleansing tub in front of you. The girls washes off your feet so that you won't contaminate and kill the fish by having something on your skin. She then has you sit on a cushioned seat with a fish tank full of these small fish in front of you. The biggest fish in these tanks are approximately 2 inches long. I have seen these types of fish before and they are always seen in many of the fish stores in the US. Once the girl instructs you to lower both of your bare feet into the tank that is when the real fun begins. You get all of these fish going into a feeding frenzy nibbling all around your feet and heels. They nibble all over the place. Eventually they must get full and eventually you don't have quite as many of them interested in your delightfully delicious flakes of dead skin. We must have had our feet in that tank for a good 25 minutes. We walked out of the "Fish Spa" feeling like we really got our monies worth from the fish and I am sure by the looks of their full bellies that the fish felt the same way.
We had a good time in Corfu but had to be back on the ship by 2 or so because we were going to depart Corfu around 3pm and heading to one of our favorite places...the beautiful island of Santorini.
Because of the number of photos taken in Corfu, I will be dividing the post into 2 parts. That way the photos will load up quicker. With that said here is part #1 of the photos that I took while in Corfu, Greece:
A beautiful sunrise greeted us as we got closer to Corfu

 The pilot boat that carried the pilot who escorted us into Corfu 

More of the beautiful sunrise

Fishing boats docked in the protected marina

The Old Fortress of Corfu, Greece

 The Maritime Statue

The Holocaust Memorial in Corfu

Keeping a watchful eye

Some of the many cafes in Corfu. It was still early so most of them were still closed

So many directions and so little time

Not really sure what this meant/means. I don't want to venture a guess either 

Cliff side cafe

Old Fort in Corfu

I should have brought my rod and reel

The guardian in the window...keeping an eye on the tourist

A weathered old building

A shoppers paradise

Our Corfu visit Part #2 coming up shortly
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