Subscribing To My Blog & Following My Blog

I have had several people tell me that when they use the reader in your "Dashboard section of their blog, under Blogs I Follow, that they aren't showing any updates to my blog. In order to show my latest blog entries, you must first go to my main blog page and then on the right hand column you will see a followers section. From there you can click on follow and that should take care of the issue. You might want to un-follow me first and then start from scratch. To do this, click on manage blogs that I follow. Then click on settings next to my listed blog and click on the small "stop follow this site". Then you can go back and then you can go back to my main page and click follow again. I fixed my "Subscribe to My Blog" section also and it appears to be working properly least I hope so. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Worlds Largest Snake Found Dead

My friend Ken Gauthier, from Canada, sent me this video. This is the worlds largest snake ever found and it was found dead. This snake is over 50 foot long. This snake is a whopper...really amazing!!!!!! Ken....Thanks for sending me this video so that I can share it with others.

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