Update On The Garden

Well there isn't much left of the garden. I have 11 planter pots left with sweet pepper plants but I am not sure how much more that I might get out of them due to the fact the that Black Spot got a hold of all of them. I already cleared and cleaned out approximately 18 plant pots that were on the back deck due to the black spot along with cleaning out 4 big planter pots that had tomatoes in them. Besides the 11 sweet peppers that I have left I still have a mini garden of sorts out in oval garden area that has 3 tomato plants that are planted in the ground and approximately 8 stalks of corn. I am nor sure if the corn will produce anything since it looks like something is beginning to nibble on the leaves and stalks.
Now the tomatoes are a different subject. 2 plants are the Supersauce Hybrid tomatoes. Between these 2 plants there are roughly 80 larger sized tomatoes on them. The other tomato plant is a larger Roma style.
Below are photos of the 3 plants. The Supersauce are the larger tomatoes:

Within the next couple of weeks I will be planting my 2nd round of Yukon Gold seed potatoes which should be ready for harvest late September or early October

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