So Whats New

Actually not much but thank you for Been kind of quiet around here. Veronica and I spent a rather quiet and subdued Christmas around here. Because we have so much travel coming up this year and all of the associated cost, we decided to keep this Christmas rather inexpensive. Actually it turned out well. We each got items that we really wanted. We had a really nice holiday and our evening meal was great. All in all, it was a really good day. I have been really working on my foot and ankle. I have been doing my exercises sometimes 4-5 times a day. I am really trying my best to get it back into shape. We have got many a miles to travel this year and I really want to be able to walk it all pain free. I even made up my own type of exercises. The therapy people and my doctor told me some exercises to do but I took it upon myself to modify them a bit. I usually do them bare footed while standing on the carpeted floor. I decided that it made more sense to do them in a tub full of warm to hot water. The heat and moisture would be used to keep everything loose and allow everything to stretch better. So far it seems to have helped out some but only time will tell and we will see where I am at after a month or so.
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