Vacation Is Almost Upon Us

Last minute packing is almost done and just a little house cleaning is left. House sitter is making himself at home. Not much left to do but let the time drift by. We leave tomorrow afternoon to begin our week long vacation up in Canada to get some fishing time on the lake in. Been 2 years since we have been up there and we really have missed fishing up there and the sounds of the loons coming across the lake.
With a little luck we should get some great photos of the fish that we catch. Be back in a week with some tall fishing tales.

Getting Ready For Our Fishing Vacation In Canada

Our fishing vacation is coming up very soon. We will be leaving here this upcoming Thursday night for a hotel stay in the Norfolk area. We decided to get a hotel there because it is close to the airport and our flight leaves at 5:40AM, which means we have to be at the airport at least 1 1/2 - 2 hours before that time.
We have decided to travel relatively light for this week long trip....2 suitcases. I have already packed up one suitcase full of fishing gear which includes both of our new sets of rain wear.
I will be taking all of our fishing reels in a carry on bag. I want to keep as much control over this bag as possible.
This one packed suitcase is just about at the 50 pound limit. We will be taking a second suitcase which will be mainly for whatever clothes we will be bringing for fishing on this trip. Luckily I left a couple of fishing pants up there the last time we visited.
We are holding off on packing this 2nd suitcase until probably around Tuesday or Wed night. We want to wait and see what the latest projected weather reports will be for the week we will be up there. We would rather pack once and have the correct weight clothes in the suitcase compared to having to re-do the whole unpacking and then repacking thing again because what we packed does not match the projected weather and temperatures.
Only 4 more days and we will be ready to head up towards Canada.
Hopefully we will come back with plenty of fish stories...both realistic and of course exaggerated plus plenty of great photos.

Some Of Tonights Stormy Weather Photos

We had some strong storms come through our area tonigfht and I had the opportunity to take some photos before the rain started.

An Easy Remedy That Will Hopefully Work

Shortly after going for my followup visit to my oral surgeon, I noticed that I was getting a couple of new sores on my tongue from where my tongue was again rubbing against the ridges of my lower left side back two wisdom teeth.
I quickly went to a local drug store to see what they had that might protect my tongue until I could get to a local dentist and get those ridges ground down. And unfortunately it was Friday and as it turns out, most of the dentists on the Outer Banks close down for business on a Friday. Not sure why but it must be an "island thing".
So I needed to find something that would protect my tongue for a minimum of 3 days and something that I could wear inside and outside of the house.
I tried one of those night time bite guard devices but this particular one just laid on the top of your lower did not clip over nor was there any way of keep the device attached to the lower teeth. Basically it was totally worthless for what I needed it for.
I then found another bite guard device that you had to boil the plastic gizmo in hot water and then make an impression of your teeth in the softened plastic.  This device worked ok and I was actually able to wear it through the whole night while sleeping and at times during the day. The rest of the time I used "ortho" wax...the stuff they have kids put on their braces when the metal is rubbing against the insides of their mouths. Between these two items, I was able to really minimize the damaged to my tongue.
I was so glad though, when Monday arrived and I stopped by a doctors office and took me right in after waiting only about 45 minutes or so.
I got the inside ridge(one closest to my tongue) of my next to the last left side lower wisdom tooth ground down.
It felt pretty good while I was in the dentist office but by bed time, I checked and saw that I was still getting rubbing and irritation from my tongue against the ridges on that same wisdom tooth.
So today I went back to the same dentist and had them ground the ridge down more on that one wisdom tooth plus I also got them to ground down the ridge on my furthest back wisdom tooth.
So far I can't feel that my tongue is making any contact with either one of these wisdom teeth. I will wait and see how it is in a day or two before I claim that this has rectified the problem and is a success.

Oral Surgeons Followup Visit This Morning

This morning I went back to my Oral Surgeons office for a followup visit. It has been approximately 10 days since the surgery.
I have still been experiencing some pain in my tongue at the surgical site along with left ear pain. Both have subsided as the days have gone by and hopefully they will be completely gone in a weeks time.
The biopsy results came back as follows:
The sore in question and surrounding area had some minor precancerous activity and will be monitored over a period of time. Any new "outbreaks" would most likely require more surgery and removal of the "bad" areas.
I also need to find a dentist that can grind down the ridges of my wisdom teeth on the left side of my mouth so that it will minimize the contact that those ridges have on my tongue, which is causing irritation and sores on the left side of  my tongue.
All in all...not a bad report. It sure could have been a lot worse.
I will be going back to my oral surgeon in a little over 3 weeks for another followup.
I have a followup visit with my ENT..Eyes, Nose and Throat doctor this next Monday to go over the biopsy report with him.

Veronica's Birthday Cake - German Chocolate Cake

Today I made a German Chocolate Cake in honor of Veronica's Birthday which is tomorrow. She couldn't wait until tomorrow to try it out. I think it was a big hit. Below are photos of the cake along with what I thought was a funnel coming from a storm cloud. I saw this funnel while getting Veronica a piece of her Birthday cake. The funnel was not very defined and I watched it come down a bit and then in a matter of seconds it disappeared back into the main cloud. It was not shaped nor did it come down like a typical funnel from the start of a tornado, if that what is what it was. It came out and was extended from the cloud at an angle. It never made it to the ground so there is no really knowing whether it was the beginnings of a tornado or not.

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