We Now Have Paperless Walls

After 5 days of labor intensive work the woman that we hired has finished taking off every piece of wallpaper in this house. With the wallpaper being off the walls it actually makes the rooms look much bigger. Here are some before and after photos:
Upstairs bathroom

Heading downstairs...high walls and wallpaper

 A view from upstairs looking down into the living room

The front "formal" rooms. All furniture was taken to a consignment store

 Dining area with wallpaper

 Formal dining room with wallpaper

 Kitchen with wallpaper

Pantry in kitchen

 Living room

 Sun room

 Master bathroom

Master bedroom

Half bathroom in foyer area

After furniture was taken to the consignment store 

I took the mirrors out of the upstairs and half bathrooms

Now here we start to see the difference with the wallpaper removed from everwhere that it was on the walls

The wallpaper was removed but I left the mirror up because it is huge and all of the bathrooms will be renovated. Just wanted some before photos.

 Starting our collection of new paint, fixtures, lighting etc

 We will be needing to move everything to the center of the room for the upcoming painters.

 Our collection continues

The next step in this project will be to get new appliances and to have new windows installed throughout the whole house.

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