The Return Of A 4 Legged Friend

I have been putting out a bunch of cracked corn out behind our residence.
I put it out there so that when the deer decide to visit, they will have something to eat and the piles of cracked corn are strategically located right outside our computer room window that is on the ground floor.
Unfortunately we have not had any deer that have paid us a visit in about months.
There are more people out and about with the warmer weather along with the landscaping/mowing crews.
With more people being out, the deer have relocated to a quieter and less populated location, at least temporarily.
I have continued putting out the piles of cracked corn but the only animals that have been benefiting from me doing so have been the birds.
Then today, much to my surprise, I caught the sight of a deer out of the corner of my eye and he was eating the cracked corn that I had placed outside of our computer window.
This deer was so focused on eating the corn, I was able to open the drapes, watch him/her eat the corn and take several photos and videos. Only being about 2 feet away from this deer had no impact at all and it stayed around for about 10 minutes or so.
Hopefully this deer will brings its friends for the corn buffet that we serve on a daily basis around here.

Here are a couple of videos that I took. Unfortunately I had to take the video through the mesh screen that is on the window.

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