This darn traffic

You know, I was driving around here the other day, caught in traffic again or should I say still and I got to thinking about all of this darn traffic. It really amazes me that in one hour of driving around here I can see twice as many cars on the road than I would see in 2 full weeks of driving around in least where we stay at. And that includes the drive from Ft. Francis to Dryden and then Dryden to Eagle Lake and back again on our return home. This along with all of our driving around while up at Eagle Lake. Just way too much traffic around here for my liking.

Nothing better than shore lunch with freshly caught Walleye

There is nothing better than having a shore lunch using your recently caught Walleye sizzling alongside with some fried potatoes and some beans. Here we have Mike, another one of the great guides out of Andy Myers Lodge, preparing our fish for the frying pan.

Here Mike is checking on the fire.
And here is me checking out the fish frying. Boy am I hungry.

More photos from Andy Myers Lodge at Eagle Lake in Canada

The first 2 photos are of the float planes that pick up guests for a day of fishing at remote lakes. The plane returns the guests back to the lodge in time for dinner.

Here is a photo of our friend Ken who is a guide out of Andy Myers Lodge. We went with Ken to Lac Suel for some fishing. I had a Walleye on my line and was reeling it in, when all of a sudden the Walleye took off and was trying to get away from something and go to deeper water. The next thing I know, I have a much heavier fish fighting me at the other end of my line. Upon bringing the fish into the boat, it turned out to be a 39" Northern Pike. There was no sign of the Walleye that I had originally had on my line. It either got away or the Northern had eaten it.

Another nice Walleye caught on Lac Suel

More photos of the interior of Cabin #8 at Andy Myers Lodge

Here we have a couple of more photos of the interior of cabin #8 at Andy Myers Lodge. We also have some photos of our favorite camp buddy, Dakota, the camp dog and one of our favorite dinner guests.

More photos of Andy Meyers Lodge

Here we have some more photos of Andy Myers Lodge. The first one is from Eagle Lake looking at the dock, fish house and bait house. You can see one of the bigger cabins that overlook the lake. The cabin that Veronica and I always stay at, Cabin #8, would be just off to the right of the picture, out of view on this photo. The rest of the photos are of the interior of cabin #8. This 2 bedroom cabin is one of the smaller cabins and retains the rustic feel of the Canadian wilderness while having many of the modern necessities. This cabin has a fridge, double kitchen sink, duel gas stove burners, coffee maker, toaster and microwave oven. All eating utensils are included. The bathroom has a shower enclosure. The cabin also has a gas wall heater and just recently added a/c. There is a large deck attached to the cabin with a bar-b-que grill and chairs on it. The dining room table overlooks Eagle Lake and the dock, so you can watch the boats coming back and forth on of the lake and when they pull in, you can see what they have caught.They do have newer and more updated cabins at AML but personally, Veronica and I prefer the feel and size of this cabin.

Yard of the Month

Here are a couple of photos of our front yard with gardens. We have won Yard of the Month a couple of times.
We recently lost the tree that is to the right on this photo. We had some very strong straight line winds which snapped the tree about 6 -8 inches below the surface.
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