A Sign Of The Times And These Times Are A Changing

Veronica returned home from work and quickly whisked me into her vehicle to take a look at a "surprise".
As it turned out the surprise were  brand new signs that had been strategically posted in and around our neighborhood.

Because of the problems that I have had with the well known dog, Barney and Barneys' owners, this surprise was really nice to see.
If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you know that while on my walks and bike rides, Barney has been unleashed during his walks that his owners take him on, has charged at me and nipped at my arm, charged me and actually bit me and broke through the skin and on the last incident, Barney has charged at me again at which time Barneys owners and I had a not so friendly exchange of ideas about Barneys behavior and their own behavior.
Now if Barneys' owners decide they want to let Barney run amok through our neighborhood and if Barney decides to charge me again, when I call Animal Control or the police, this sign adds some "bite' to my formal complaint...pun intended.

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