Day 3 Evening Routine

Tonight we are attending an orientation seminar for Muskie and Walleye fishing. Steve Herbie Herbeck leads the seminar and tells all the new comers in camp what is working and what isn't for catching the big fish. It starts every Saturday evening at 8:30 and last for about an hour.
You will learn a lot during these seminars.
Until tomorrow I wish you tight lines and huge fish

Canadian Vacation Day #3 photos

Below are various pictures that I took between 6:30-7:00 AM this morning. I hope that you enjoy them.
this is a picture of some building art that is hung up outside of the boathouse.

This is a picture of the fish cleaning house and the baithouse.

I thought that the angles of this portion of the wooden walkway leading to the docks were kind of sharp, so I took a photo of them.

Canadian Vacation Day #3

We arrived into Dryden at 1 p.m. at the IGA in Dryden to buy more groceries, the things we were not able to take over the border. Anyone who travels outside the United States it is in your best interest to know ahead of time what the conversion rates of currency are and of weights.. Veronica ordered a pound an a half of sliced turkey for our lunches. It turns out that 500 kg is about a pound of turkey . When the lady handed the turkey to Veronica we both about fell over. For only a pound and a half of turkey was $17.54. Bottom line that turkey better taste really good for that price.

We arrived at the camp yesterday around 2 p.m. Due to a scheduling issue, we had to spend one night in a different cabin and not the one that originally was assigned to us. Cabin #8 is our absolute favorite and we always request that cabin. It did not make much sense to unload the car completley because we would have to move everything to cabin #8 in the morning, so we unloaded the car with just enough items to get us through the night.We ended up going to bed early...we were pretty well wiped out. I ended up having another lousy nights sleep. It was a rather cool night and should have been a great nights sleep but I ended waking up about 7-8 times. I finally got up for good around 6:30 AMto get some sunrise photos. Veronica was still asleep at this time. I will post the photos in another blog entry after I finish this one.
Veronica woke up a short time later and around 7:30 AM, the cabin cleaners stopped by and let us know that cabin #8 was clean and ready for us to move in. Luckily we had some help getting all of our suitcases, fishing gear and food items into the cabin. It took Veronica and I about 2 1/2 hours to get everything put away, clothes folded and hung up and all fishing gear stowed away. I then spent an hour or 2 getting all of our rods and reels put together along with straightening out all of our fishing bags.
Tonight Veronica and I had grilled T-Bone Steaks. Dakota, the camp dog, must have smelled the steaks a cooking for she also had T-Bone steaks for dinner.
Tomorrow is our first day of actual fishing. I think were are scheduled to fish Musky. I will make another blog entry to let you know how we did. Hopefully we will have some photos of large Musky to share with you. Until then...wishing you tight lines and huge fish.
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