Our Move Is Almost Complete

98 percent of our belongings are now at my Dads place in Virginia Beach. Veronica and I have been shuttling back and forth from our place on the Outer Banks to my Dads place. I don't get to come back to the Outer Banks very often now. When I do go back there I am mainly going back to clean our old place up so that we can get our deposit back. It is kind of a nomadic life that we lead at this time. We still have a few things at our old place with the main items being an inflatable bed and a small TV. So far I have been able to clean all of the rooms except for the master bedroom and bathroom. Those will be the last to get cleaned along with a small portion of the kitchen. Doesn't make much sense cleaning those areas up while they are still being used by Veronica. Tomorrow I will start the touch up painting process. Our lease does not expire until the end of August but we are hoping to have everything done and for us to be out the place by mid August possibly. This Summer has flown by. Between the move, driving back and forth from the Outer Banks to my Dads place, taking my Dad to his 3 times a week dialysis along with other doctors appointments and his weekly visits to Walmart there hasn't been a lot of free time. I am managing to work around this hectic schedule and carved myself out some free time. I have been able to go for my walks in the morning and have even had the chance to get back into my weight lifting routine. It has been a long 8 months without doing my regular routine. The exercise is very important to me both physically and mentally. When I get to exercise I feel better on both fronts. Our latest journey and transition to our new home will be an ongoing things for at least another month or so but we can actually see a little light at the end of our tunnel.

Time Is Really Flying By

Within the last few weeks we have had quite a bit going on. 4 days after my birthday Veronica and I celebrated out 18th Anniversary. Dad took us out to the Lynnhaven Seafood restaurant to celebrate our Anniversary.  It was a great meal. About 98 percent of our belongs have been moved into Dad's place. I like the way our space in Dad's house looks. Dad had a few medical issues and ended up being in the hospital for a couple of days. He is coming home today so I will need to pick him up. Yesterday was the 4th of July. We did not get to see any fireworks this year but I did hear them going off in our neighborhood. Wont be long until it is Veronica's birthday and in approximately 80 days Veronica and I fly to Venice, Italy and then board the NCL Jade for our Mediterranean cruise.
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