Beautiful Day on the OBX

Today really turned out to be a nice day here.
The temperature got up to 73 degrees.
I decided to really put my foot to the test today. I have been pushing it a bit to see what limitations, if any, that I might have with it.
I went for 3 walks today with each one being 2 "laps" around our neighborhood.
The full outcome of my walking and how it will or won't effect my foot has yet to seen in full.
Right now it is a little sore but so is the rest of my body.
I have not really had the chance to do any serious walking for months now.
Hopefully by tomorrow, my foot will be back to normal and pain free.
I am working hard to get into shape so that when Veronica and I go to Alaska, at the end of next month, I will be able to walk around will little to no pain.
Tomorrow Veronica and I will be going for a drive to do a little touristy stuff. Hopefully I can get some nice photos to share with everyone.
Always looking for that next "money shot".
The weather is supposed to be nice again tomorrow, so it should be a good photographic day.
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