So Whats Been Going On?

A very valid question if you are asking me. Haven't been posting too much lately but let's see if I can't get everyone caught up on the festivities:
I am still trying to get the rest of my gear back from the guide that works at the place that we used to visit on our fishing trips to Canada.
He hasn't been answering emails nor telephone calls. Gee... I wonder why. Although he has told me otherwise in a fairly long ago email, that he would spend the next week getting the rest of my gear together, so that he could give it back to me, I have not heard a word from him since. Like I said, that was a long ago email and weeks have passed by since he wrote me that. I have absolutely no faith that this person will do the right thing and I am mentally preparing to kiss the rest of my gear goodbye.
Been trying to get 2 years worth of our deposit from the owner of the fishing camp that we used to frequent. Looks like we will lose a total of $600 on that deal.
Because of the aforementioned situation with my gear, we have absolutely no plans on returning to this place ever again. It will be worth the $600 not to have to deal with these people ever again or the drama that we witnessed at that place.
We have already found a new fishing camp to stay at this year.
In September we will be going to a place called Stanley's Resort We had plenty of places to pick from on both Eagle Lake and other local lakes. I kind of like the looks of Stanleys Resort and I definitely liked all of the things that they included in their price, that cost us extra money at the other place we used to stay at.
Seriously...all of the bait and all gas included in the price.
We decided not to go with a 1 bedroom cabin. We wanted a little space, plus we wanted a decent lake view and with the cabin we chose we got both.
Here is the cabin that we have reserved for is called The Chalet. This is like a palace compared to the other really rustic cabin that we have stayed in over the past several years.
We didn't mind the rustic cabin feel but we sure will enjoy having more room, having a tv with several channels, a dvd player and most importantly....a full kitchen with an actual stove and oven, not to mention a full bath to soak in after a long day of tossing lures and musky fishing.
Now all of this stuff is very nice but I think the best thing of all will be for to be able to fish with whomever we choose to fish with.
It will be great getting on the water with our friends Ken and John. This might actually be the year that I get my trophy fish.
A change of scenery and environment can do wonders for a persons luck.
And speaking of luck, Veronica and I will be heading to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. Before we fly to Vegas, we will be spending a couple of nights at a hotel that we had previously had problems with.
You might remember reading earlier blog entries about the issues we had with our room at the Crowne Plaza Ft. Magruder in Williamsburg, VA and Crowne Plaza ft. Magruder.
After Veronica spoke to management personnel at the hotel, we received a complimentary 2 night stay at this same hotel. We are supposed to be getting a much nicer room compared to the one we had during our last stay there. I plan on taking photos to share with everyone and we will all be able to compare the quality of the 2 rooms...the one we had during our last and the one we get during this upcoming visit.
While in the Williamsburg area, we will probably do a little shopping at the outlet malls.
After our 2 night stay in the Williamsburg area, we will be flying out of Newport News and head to Las Vegas.
We will be in Vegas for 5 nights and staying at the Monte Carlo. The Monte Carlo is part of the MGM family of hotels.
We got a real good deal on our deluxe room...around $30 a night.
On Thursday night, our last night in Vegas, we have tickets to see Cirque du Soleil "O" at the Bellagio. A very nice way to end our week long vacation.
Of course I will be taking lots of photos as I usually do and I will be sharing them with everyone upon our return.
I have been doing my workouts on a daily basis and just trying to keep my weight down as much as I can during these cold weather months. I really looked forward to warmer weather. That warm weather makes it so much easier for me to keep my weight down and makes those workouts much more enjoyable compared to doing them in 30 degree weather.
That pretty much gets everyone caught up on the excitement around here.
Hopefully the next couple of weeks will go by quickly. I am looking forward to a little change of scenery and if my memory does not fail me, I do believe that the temps in Vegas are somewhat warmer than they are here....Yyyeeeesssss!!!!!!
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