Doctors Visit Update

I went to a local Orthopedic doctor yesterday to get my knees checked out.
The X-Rays showed minimal arthritis and some calcification in the joints of my knees.
After much pulling, twisting and shaking the doctor told me that the ligaments in my knee were fine but because I had torn my meniscus years ago, there was a chance that I could have torn it again.
The only way to find out for sure was to have an MRI done.
I told the doctor that I had met my financial deductible for the year through my insurance company and that there was no rush to get the MRI done because I originally thought that the deductible had been met up until August of next year. As it turns out my deductible has been met until the 1st of next year, which is only 3 weeks away. At that point in time I will need to start over paying out again until my deductible has been met for next.
So this morning I called the doctors office to let them know about my mistake....which could cost us several hundred dollars of out of pocket expenses in order to reach next years deductible.
They will see how booked up the MRI schedule is and see if it is possible to get it done by the 1st of the year.
Until I know for sure, I will be giving my knees a break and I won't be riding my bike nor going for any long walks.
I will also be icing it down every night.
At least nothing glaring came to light during the knee exam and x-rays. Hopefully the MRI will come back clean and then it will be a little time to rehab the knee back into shape and then back to my normal routine.
At least that is my game plan at this moment.
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