This 2013 Holiday Season

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving has already passed and it will be Christmas before you know it.
We had a rather subdued but delicious Thanksgiving. We decided not to have Turkey. Instead we found a really tasty already prepared honey ham. We had previously tried a Kentucky Legend brand ham and really liked it so we decided to have one for Thanksgiving and let me tell you it did not disappoint. They have several types..Double Smoked, Honey Baked, Original, Gluten Free, Sugar Cured and one that you can add glaze to.  Some are already pre-sliced and other styles come whole. Here is a picture of the label on the ham:

Along with the ham we had mashed potatoes, some vegetables and some yeast rolls. It was a great meal and one of the best parts was that we were able to keep the dirty dishes down to a minimum.
We are going low key and easy this Christmas too. Because things have been so hectic since we got back from our vacation, we decided to get a small almost identical life like tree...also known as a fake tree. This tree is only about 4 foot tall but it does have the colored lights already attached. Pop the top portion into the bottom section, spread the branches out to make it look presentable and plug it in. We did add a few mini bulbs and some stringed beads for garland. It will work for this year. Next year we can go all out on the decorations.
Only thing left is to do a little shopping and most of that will be done from the comfort of my computer chair and with a little help from my keyboard and the internet.
There is no way I will be attempting to do any shopping at our local Walmart or any other stores. It is pure lunacy out there. If you don't believe me then just go to YouTube and type in Black Friday Walmart. Make sure you put on your football helmet for protection and grab yourself a nice cold one and some popcorn...let the craziness and festivities commence!
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