I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has visited my blog and for all of the comments that were left too. Many people, through their comments, wanted to know what relationship Veronica and I share. Veronica is my wife of just over 11 years. She is also my best friend. I think that it is also important for me to explain why I continue to blog and why I wrote the entry BLOGGING MEMORIES OF LIFE. When I first started my blog, I did it mainly to present my nature and flower photography with others. I was diagnosed with Mast Cell Disease several years ago. If you go back in my blog, you will finds entries about that medical issue. Just this last year, after being a smoker for about 34 years, I found out that I had myoplasia on the right side of my tongue. It was a pre-cancerous growth and yes it made quitting smoking a very easy decision and task. This medical issue is also discussed in depth, in some of my earlier blog entries. Because of these 2 events it gave me a different viewpoint of life, living and of my own mortality. Currently all medical issues are in check but you never really know when something will change. In some ways I continue to write in this blog as a way of preparing for my eventual death. I realize that this might sound rather morbid but it is a fact of life that I accept. It might not be today...tomorrow or the next day but it will happen. I wanted to leave something behind that Veronica could read, reminisce and hopefully it would bring a smile on her face after I was her a partial look at the footprints through my life including things that we shared together. I guess like most of you out there...I just want to be leave something behind that would mean something to others. Like I refered to in the original entry....I welcome all of you in sharing my continued journey but at the end of the day and the lights is mainly for Veronica that I do this.
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