I'm Crutchless!!!!

I got a really good nights sleep last night and woke up with my knee feeling pretty good...all things considered.
I decided to try putting my crutches aside and go for a little stroll inside our place. My knee felt pretty good without the use of the crutches. I was even able to go up the stairs and down the stairs without the use of the crutches.
Not bad considering that I started walking around without the aid of crutches about 69 hours after I had the surgery done.
Tonight I get to take my first shower since having the surgery and boy am I looking forward to it. The only one looking forward to it more is Veronica.
I get to take the ace bandage and gauze off and replace it all with 3 band-aids to cover the 3 small sutured areas.
All in all....a darn good day.
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