Is That The Finish Line That I See

Been busy wrapping up final preparations for our move.
I have got most of the way through my list. What's left on it are the biggies...stop cable service, telephone service and internet service. Then I need to return whatever equipment I was using from each service.
We will be going to our new place on 3/1 after getting our keys. I want to put up the curtain rods and drapes along with the shower curtains.
Then there is the delivery of a new couch and dining room set. Hopefully we can get all that done one day 1.
On day 2 or maybe the night of day 1, we can do a grocery shopping to stock the place up a bit.
I am hoping that the movers will come pack us up on day 3 and deliver our belongings to our new place shortly thereafter.
Then it is just a matter of unpacking everything and getting the phone, cable and internet service started. Luckily all three of those things come from the same company.
Of course all of my plans are contingent on when the movers come to pack us up. Hopefully I will know that date in the very near future.
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