Still Without Services

I figured that I would pop on here real quick using Veronica's IPad.
We are still without telephone, cable and Internet service. Charter personnel told Veronica that everyone should have all of their services back within 3 days and that was as of yesterday.
I have all Hurricane Irene photos and videos ready to be uploaded onto this blog as soon as we get Internet services restored.
I had to make a run to the Post Office today.
It was real sad driving up the road and seeing these huge piles of people's belongs, furniture, rugs, mattresses and any other household item that you could imagine, along the side of the road. There were lots of huge piles near the trailer park.
I saw lots of people just dragging things from their homes and throwing them on their pile.
As you will see once I am able to upload all of the photos and videos, that Veronica and I were very lucky that we did not get flooded out.
I will be back on this blog as soon as Charter Communications gets us up and running again.
Veronica finally got electricty back in her store so they are back open for business. her TJ Maxx store suffered minimal damage and that was to an awning that is in the back side of her store.
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