Counting Down The Minutes

Veronica and I have just about finished packing everything up for our upcoming 14 day NCL cruise on the Sun.
We have just a few minor things to pack up and that will be finished tomorrow night...Wed.
I will do some house cleaning tomorrow and finish that all up on Thursday.
We will have our house sitter coming over early Thursday afternoon.
Sometime after Veronica gets off work, we will be heading to the Norfolk, VA area where we will be staying at a Country Inn and of our favorite hotel chains.
We will be doing our flight check in from the hotel as soon as possible to make sure that we keep the seats that we have.
Friday morning we will head to Norfolk International Airport to begin our long journey to Copenhagen.
We will first be flying into Dulles Airport, where we will have almost a 6 hour layover until our SAS flight leaves at approximately 5:15PM.
Hopefully we will get a good nights sleep on our flight and wake up on the other side of  the "pond" and be landing in Copenhagen.
Once we gather up all of our luggage, we will be locating a taxis or some form of transportation to our hotel...the Copenhagen Marriott.
Once we freshen up, we will head out for a full day of site seeing in Copenhagen with us ending our festivities at Tivoli Garden.
We will then head back to our hotel and get what I am sure will be a great nights sleep.
Our cruise officially begins the following day.
Veronica and I will be sharing a journal so that we can put our thoughts and also keep track of what we did each day.
I have used a journal on our trips before and it helps greatly when we return home and I am writing my blog entries. Without it I would probably lose track of what we did on which days and all of the very interesting things we saw or did.
Veronica and I will have a great time on this adventure and we are very excited to get it started.
We are counting down the minutes until we begin this adventure.
Below are some photos of the amount of luggage we are taking with us on this trip.

Each piece of luggage is 29" tall. The blue luggage are the new spinner pieces that we just bought. They are very light weight. The older bluish colored piece is a heavy duty piece of luggage with firmer sides and support system. That is holding our heavier and easier damaged items. Hopefully all will make it through the upcoming flights safe and sound.

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