I'm Still Around

I haven't posted much on this blog lately. I have been busy doing other things plus I kind of hit a period of "writers block".
So what have I been up to? Well I have been keeping myself busy with my workouts and nursing some injuries. I have had to totally quit going on my walks along with riding my recumbent bicycle. Seems that both of my knees have decided to go on strike at the same time.
Within a matter of a couple of days, my right knee started going out on me during my walks. It feels very "loose" and extremely unstable. I have had it go out and give way in a couple of places...sometimes it is in the front of the knee about an inch below my knee cap. This is about the same general area where I broke my leg several years ago. I have also experienced my knee go out in the back in what i will call the "knee pit" area. And last but not least..I have had issues with both sides of this knee.
Unfortunately this knee has had some trauma to it in the past. I had arthroscopic surgery due to a torn meniscus back in the 80s and I was also shot in this knee as a teenager back in the early 70s.
So after enduring some problems on my walks with the right knee, I decided to back off and start riding my recumbent bike in the garage. The 1st day on the bike was uneventful and I did 15 miles and felt a little better knowing that at least I could do something like that type of exercise without further damaging my knee. Unfortunately I was wrong on that thought. The next day I got on my recumbent bike and was on it for only about 2 minutes before I started getting some sharp knife like pains in my left knee this time. I immediately got off the bike after 2 sharp pains and haven't been on it since.
Since that point in time, I have had my right knee wrapped to add a little more stability to the knee. My knee still goes out when it wants to and makes a loud crunching and crackling sound when I walk on it....kinda sounds like if you would step on a bag of potato chips.
This time I did not do what I usually do when injured....wait and see if it goes away on its own while still going about doing my normal exercise routine.
Actually...this time I almost immediately called and made an appointment with an Orthopedic & Joint Doctor.
I go in this Tuesday at 1:45 for my first appointment.
Even though my knees are acting up, I am still able to do my weightlifting and am progressing nicely with my routine. Of course I don't do anything that involves any added weight or pressure on my knees. Everything is upper body and arms..
Besides dealing with my knees, I also have done some Holiday baking. After a request from several of Veronica's Associates at work, I baked 12 dozen of my coconut macaroons...some with Ghirardelli semi sweet chocolate morsels and either butterscotch or peanut butter chips/nibs. I also added chopped pecans in all recipes made. Veronica told me that the Associates at the store call my macaroons..."Ricks crack" because they are so yummy and addictive.
I also will be putting some meals together for families that utilize the mobile food pantries in the area.
There is also the possibility that I will be serving meals for those that are in need on Christmas Eve and maybe Christmas Day at a local church.
Not much else has been happening around here except....only 279 days left until our 14 day cruise out of Copenhagen on the NCL Sun....something both Veronica and I are greatly looking forward to.
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