Sweet Pepper Mania

My sweet pepper plants are growing really big and well. This years pepper plants are the healthiest I have ever had. I grew them from seeds. The plants that I grew by seeds are at least twice as big as the plants that I bought from a well known seed company. I will continue to buy my seeds from the company but my days of buying their actual plants are over with.

 I dug up some potatoes the day before yesterday and Veronica cooked some of them up last night

Just a few of the many sweet peppers that I have got this season. I must have 15 vacuumed bags of pickled sweet peppers in the freezer already and I have just started to harvest them. I will be giving a lot of sweet peppers away this season.

This is the start of the 4th jar of peppers that I am pickling. I warm the liquid up and pour it over the peppers and seal the top down well. I usually leave them out on the counter for 3 days or so and then put the jar in the fridge for several more days. When I pull the jar out I drain the liquid and wipe off the excess liquid and then vacuum bag and seal before putting them into the freezer. They will last all Winter in well into next Spring by doing it this way.  Our food saver vacuum machine works great.
 Here are the plants on our back deck

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