Generac Generator Project Update And Other Tidbits

Our Generac whole house backup 22K generator has arrived. Most of the electrical work has been done in order to get our new generator up and running. The generator has been bolted down to the concrete pad it is on. The gas people were supposed to come here today to hook the natural gas line up to the unit from our main gas meter. Unfortunately the weather has not cooperated so the gas hookup has been postponed. Once the gas line is attached they will place a pressure gauge on the line to make sure there are no gas leaks.
An inspector will stop by to check the gauge and if all is well the inspector will sign off on that part of the project. 
Monday is the projected start up date on the generator but it will most likely be around April 1st due to some other things that Veronica and I are involved with.
Once the generator is up and running I will take some photos of the unit.
The front of the house is scheduled to be painted sometime during the first week of April with the end result photos to be taken after the completion of that job.
I have been slowly working on a few garden areas around the house so that I can plant some flower perennial bulbs.
We have a big garden island area in the front yard. We used to have a 40 foot tall Bradford Pear tree at one end of the garden island area but it fell down last year and we needed to have it removed and the stump ground down. Because the tree was well establish the root system was everywhere in the garden. It took me hours to cut through and dig up large thick sections of the root system that was part of this tree.
Once I removed as much of the root system as I could, I planted several peony bulbs in this garden island area.
I have also had to dig up and removed several dead bushes that were in various areas around the house.
I have another garden area that is directly outside of our kitchen dining room area. I need to get all of the weeds out of that area and then I will plant some larger varieties of dahlias.
I have also cleaned out the shed and got rid of some items that weren't going to be used.
I weeded out the corn garden areas and have started growing my tomato plants and sweet pepper plants inside by seeds and using a grow light. So far only the tomato plants have popped up. Still waiting for signs of the pepper plants to pop through the soil.
After the front of the house is painted, the generator has been installed and is up and running only one project will remain.
We are looking at removing our old wooden deck out back and putting in a new larger composite wood deck. If we go through with this project it most likely will not be done until late Summer or early Fall due to the contractors busy schedule. We will be stopping by his showroom in a couple of weeks to check out all of the various options available for this project.
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