Some Of Tonights Stormy Weather Photos

We had some strong storms come through our area tonigfht and I had the opportunity to take some photos before the rain started.

An Easy Remedy That Will Hopefully Work

Shortly after going for my followup visit to my oral surgeon, I noticed that I was getting a couple of new sores on my tongue from where my tongue was again rubbing against the ridges of my lower left side back two wisdom teeth.
I quickly went to a local drug store to see what they had that might protect my tongue until I could get to a local dentist and get those ridges ground down. And unfortunately it was Friday and as it turns out, most of the dentists on the Outer Banks close down for business on a Friday. Not sure why but it must be an "island thing".
So I needed to find something that would protect my tongue for a minimum of 3 days and something that I could wear inside and outside of the house.
I tried one of those night time bite guard devices but this particular one just laid on the top of your lower did not clip over nor was there any way of keep the device attached to the lower teeth. Basically it was totally worthless for what I needed it for.
I then found another bite guard device that you had to boil the plastic gizmo in hot water and then make an impression of your teeth in the softened plastic.  This device worked ok and I was actually able to wear it through the whole night while sleeping and at times during the day. The rest of the time I used "ortho" wax...the stuff they have kids put on their braces when the metal is rubbing against the insides of their mouths. Between these two items, I was able to really minimize the damaged to my tongue.
I was so glad though, when Monday arrived and I stopped by a doctors office and took me right in after waiting only about 45 minutes or so.
I got the inside ridge(one closest to my tongue) of my next to the last left side lower wisdom tooth ground down.
It felt pretty good while I was in the dentist office but by bed time, I checked and saw that I was still getting rubbing and irritation from my tongue against the ridges on that same wisdom tooth.
So today I went back to the same dentist and had them ground the ridge down more on that one wisdom tooth plus I also got them to ground down the ridge on my furthest back wisdom tooth.
So far I can't feel that my tongue is making any contact with either one of these wisdom teeth. I will wait and see how it is in a day or two before I claim that this has rectified the problem and is a success.

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