Things That Go Boom In The Night

Last night Veronica and I were laying in bed watching tv. All of a sudden there was a big boom followed by a rumbling sound. I thought that something had blown up or maybe a jet crashed...we have quite a number of military jets that fly around most of the time. We waited for the sirens from the police, ambulance and fire department vehicles. We did finally hear one police siren heading up the road but wasn't related to the sound that we heard. We even went outside to see if we could observe anything that would indicate an explosion had occurred. Everything looked normal outside. This morning, on my way to a doctors appointment, I was listening to a local radio station and they were talking about "the event" that occured last night. From what I heard on the radio, the "event" was most likely a meteorite hitting the earth. People as far as Maryland and North Carolina heard the boom and rumbling sounds. People were calling this radio station telling the DJs that they were out driving when this "event" occurred. Some of the callers stated that the sky lit up as meteor shot accross the sky at a very low altitude...about 500 feet. There were several callers telling the same story. What is wierd about this whole mention of the "event" in the paper or on local news. Kind of makes you wonder, if what everyone saw was actually a meteor coming down or possibly something else. Hmmmm.....we may never know.
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