10th Day Of Our Vacation In Paris, France

The first thing we did this morning was to head out to the Eiffel Tower to get a few daytime photos. The weather was supposed to be nice today so we wanted to make the most of it. We ended spending more time at the Eiffel Tower than expected but that happens a lot with me. I get started taking photos and there is always..."I am almost finished...just one more" It is and probably always be that one extra shot that I need or didn't get. On several of the photos below, I used my photo editing program 


I always like to try and get a few architectural photos. Below is another one of the Eiffel Tower

Veronica and I were sitting down when we discovered that we were sitting in a great position to get these types of angled photos 


Below are reversed images with a "pop" of color.

There is a little story to the photos below. These people are scam artists and thieves. Just around the Eiffel Tower there must have been about 50 of them and its always the same old thing. What they have on that metal loop is a bunch of miniature Eiffel Towers of various sizes. Basically they swarm down on the tourists that appear to them as being easy victims. They also love to have interaction with kids because if the kid pesters their parents for a toy Eiffel Tower long enough, the parents will give in. Sometimes there are a couple of these guys that swarm around a tourist and just hound then until they give in and buy the stuff or if they have a chance  to have a conversation with the tourist, one of this guys buddies will pick the pocket of the unsuspecting tourist.  When we gave these guys a firm "no" and looked them straight in the eye, they usually would leave us alone the whole ti,me we were there. It just took one interaction with them and they knew we were not going to be buying a thing from them. We found these types of characters in most of the high tourist traffic areas.

Below is the Seine River and where you catch the boats for a River cruise. They have numerous locations on the Seine River where you can board the boats

 Views of a Fall day along the Seine river. The trees had started to turn and those typical Fall colors
were really beautiful. I wonder if being in Paris and seeing these Fall colors had anything to do with or somehow enhanced the beauty of the scenery. The moored boats on the river added a nice touch too. A lot of these boats were private "residences", rental property, B &Bs or restaurants.


I thought that this was kind of a cool find especially here in Paris where food is like an art form

It seemed like everywhere we went there was always some type of building or street art

Time to catch a metro and head towards Place Pigalle where I wanted to take some photos of the Moulin Rouge and the Red Light District

On the way we saw this guy blowing huge bubbles and the kids would chase after these huge bubbles

Below is more street art

Some interesting architecture on the way to the Moulin Rouge area

And here we are...the Moulin Rouge and Red Light District in Paris 

They must of had an early show at the Moulin Rouge because a small crowd started to gather there 

I looked up at a window that was on the 2nd floor just above the Galactica Sex Shop and noticed all of these books piled up high near the window. Of course I decided to take a photo of them 

I decided to take several photos in black and white along with some in Sepia tones. I wanted to try to create an old time feel to the Red Light District like those in the bygone era


After visiting the Red Light District we headed to the Le Marais area so we could walk around the Place de Vosges. First thing we ran into was this musical group  entertaining the tourist

I found these pillar like structures and thought that they would look cool if I edited them...which I did and they did too   

This harp player was entertaining the tourist also  

More artistic architecture

Ahhh...this must be Paris. This is something that both Veronica and I really noticed being in Paris...people actually held hands, walked arm in arm and believe it or not...actually kissed in public. These type of open public displays of affection are a normal way of life in Paris...very different from the way we in the U.S. behave in public 

Well this wraps up our 10th day in Paris. Only a couple more days left until our Paris vacation would come to end (:

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