A New Look For My Blog

Over the last few days I have noticed that the fish themed background on my blog had shrunk and really looked bad. I tried everything I could to fix it on my own. Little did I know the creator of these blog backgrounds was already aware of the html code issues that were causing the shrunken backgrounds and had a fix available.
By the time I found out about the fix, I had already gone through her blog where she has all of her backgrounds listed and found a new one.
I had that fish background for several years so I guess it was a good time to change things up.
I think that with Veronica's help, we found a really cool background that kind of fits me and thanks to her, I am up and running again.
I hope you enjoy the new look and feel to my blog.
If you are looking for a new background for your blog, click on this link... Cute And Cool Blog Stuff by Itkupilli
She is a Finnish artist and designer that lives in Los Angeles, CA.
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