I Made It In The Local Newspaper

Veronica had heard that the Dare County Art Council had contacted one of our local newspapers with the information about the winners from the Molly Fearing Memorial Art Show in Manteo.
So this morning I made a quick run to one of our local gas station/convenience stores and located the newspaper that the information was provided to.
My name was included in this newspaper article and "No" it was listed in the Police log. Another 2 weeks and we can pick Veronique up from the DCAC in Manteo.

The Jury Is In And We Have A Winner

Veronica and I went to where the Molly Fearing Memorial Art Show was being held. When we walked into the room, we started at one corner of the room and started taking a look at all of the various art pieces that were being shown. Once we got to the rear portion of this big room, we saw the participating art piece that I had in the show. Attached to the pedestal that the art piece was standing on was a big blue ribbon. Award of excellence and first place in the mixed media section. Both Veronica and I were very excited and happy. A young lady that works there told us that the Judge kept going back to my piece looking and seeing things that he missed at his last viewing. We were told that the Judge was extremely impressed with the work and was questioning this young lady about my art background...school...training etc. Little did he know that I have no schooling nor any type of art training and that this was my first real art piece that I had ever done and also the first piece that I have ever entered into any type of art show. When I told this young lady that information, she was very surprised at what I had created with little or no background nor schooling.
The piece will stay there for the remainder of the month and will be available to be viewed by anyone coming into the building  during hours of operation.
If the piece does not sell (which I am really hoping that it doesn't)we get to bring it back home and put it back in its rightful spot...Veronica's dresser in our bedroom.
Not only will we be bringing the art piece back home, the big blue ribbon, a check in an unknown amount and the Judges writings as to why he chose this piece to take first place in the mixed media category.
Today was one of those memorable days and this time it was memorable in a really good way.

Below are some of the other winners. The blue ribbon is for best in category..Award for Excellence and the Red ribbon is for Honorable Mention

Below is the Best of Show winner...called Broach

Below is the Peoples Choice winner

And here is our celebratory dinners...Jersey Mikes Subs

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