Photos From Our Budapest And Prague Adventures Part #6 And The Conclusion Of This Journey

These photos show the last 24 hours that we spent in Prague before heading home
Below is a view of the Church Of Our Lady Before Tyn

Our tradition continues

Astronomical Clock which was first installed in 1410 making it the 3rd oldest astronomical clock in the world. During our visit the building that the clock was housed in was unrepairs

Beneficial a brick (donation) or actually donating money without "buying" a brick is a fundraising campaign...Portus Prague is a haven for people with special needs to live with dignity, work with purpose, develop themselves and freely live with others a life of human being. Since the year 2000 more than 235,000 have donated or bought a brick. Thanks to this financial aid that they have received this fundraising campaign has been able to open more than 26 facilities for those in need can live, relax and work.

 One of the several outdoor markets in Prague

Prague has some beautiful architecture

Gate and tower before you enter onto the Charles Bridge which spans over the Vlatava River

Charles Bridge on the left with the Prague Castle off in the background

Prague Castle from a distance

Some of the many statues that are on each side of the Charles Bridge

Fancy vehicles for rent to tour Prague

Statue and fountain were adjacent to an McDonalds outdoor eating area 

 Beautiful building art

Outdoor market

St. Nicholas Church on the Market Place, Mala Strana Square 

Lighting fixtures in our hotel

Well this concludes Veronica and my most recent journey and adventures to Budapest and Prague
Unfortunately the following morning it was time to board a plane and head back to least for the time being but our next adventure has already been planned  and before you know it we will be on our way to a location that Veronica has wanted to go to for quite some time....Rome. A new journey with new adventures. Hope to see you then.
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