Our Move Is A Thing Of The Past

This last Monday, 8/31, Veronica returned to our old residence on the outer Banks for the last time. A couple of hours were spent dusting, last minute touch up painting and several other odds and ends in order to finish our moving out cleanup. By the time we left the old place actually looked better than what it did when we first moved in. Before we left we even took a video of the interior to show the shape we left it in and also took photos of the water meter showing the current reading. I know this might sound a little strange to some but because we have no trust in the property owner we felt the need to document such things just in case he decided that he wanted to power wash the building on our dime before the water was turned back over to the management company.
After completing our very last cleanup, we drove over to the management company and dropped our keys off and provided them with our new address so that they could send us our deposit back minus the current water bill.
We then drove out of the Outer Banks without looking back and with no sadness except the fact that we will miss the few friends that we actually made their (and if you few friends read this you will know who your are.
So now it is time to head into a new chapter of our lives...one that Veronica and I are looking forward to.
Today was a long day. Dad and I had to get up early because he had an appointment with an eye surgeon...cataracts. He had one of his eyes done this morning. We were so excited about the procedure that we ended up in the parking lot about a half hour before the place even opened. Actually it was still kind of dark out. Dad was the first on the surgical list and we actually left early because I had no idea how the traffic around here would be that early in the morning. Needless to say...the traffic was not anything like I had anticipated because we got there way before we needed to.
Tomorrow will be an even longer day for my Dad. He has dialysis until mid afternoon and then we go for the day after surgery followup appointment with the eye surgeon. I had better get to bed early because tomorrow will be here before I know it.
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