Our 24 Hours In Copenhagen

On Saturday, 9/15/2012, Veronica and I will be flying into Copenhagen Airport (CPH) at approximately 7:30 in the morning.
For information about Copenhagen Airport please click on these links... Copenhagen Airport and CPH.
After touching down at CPH and gathering up all of our luggage, we will be making our way to the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel. At the time of this writing, transportation to this hotel from CPH has not been obtained. It is still on our list of things to do before our arrival date there.
We have actually booked this hotel for 1 night so that we could spend a little bit of time in Copenhagen prior to the start of our cruise.
We have been to Copenhagen during our last cruise, which was the Baltic cruise that Veronica and I went on through NCL...Norwegian Cruise Line and we were on the same ship then, as we are going to be on this time...NCL Sun.
The following morning, which will be Sunday the 16th, NCL will be providing us with transportation from our hotel to the pier where the NCL Sun is docked. We are not sure what the pickup time will be but a quick telephone call in the near future will provide us with that info.
Once we make our way from the Copenhagen Airport to the Copenhagen Marriott, I am sure that our room will not be available at approximately 8:30-9:00AM in the morning.
We plan on calling ahead and making arrangements for the hotel staff to put our luggage in a safe place until we return from our days activities in Copenhagen.
I have mapped out a route that will allow to cover quite a bit of territory along with various sites along the way and any additional sites and stops that we might decide to do while we are there.
Our 1st leg will be from the hotel to Nyhavn. We have been to Nyhavn before but enjoyed the area so much that we decided to visit there again.
For additional information on Nyhavn, please click on this link... Nyhavn
The walk from our hotel to Nyhavn is approximately 1.1 miles.
I went to Google Maps and have obtained maps and specific walking directions on each of our destinations on this day.
From Nyhavn we will be walking to Rosenborg Castle, which Veronica and I did not see last time we were in Copenhagen. For more information on Rosenborg Castle, please click on the following link... Rosenborg Castle or for those of you that can speak Danish click on this link...  Rosenborg Slot
After spending time in the castle and surrounding gardens, Veronica and I might decide to spend some quality shopping time at the Worlds Longest Pedestrian Only Street...The Stroget. For more information on this Pedestrian Only Street in Copenhagen, please click on the following link...  Stroget
By this time we should be getting hungry and might either eat at a cafe on the Stroget or wait until we get to our next destination, which will be the Tivoli Gardens. I figure that we probably won't be at the Tivoli Gardens until late afternoon or early evening hours.
Of course all of this is assuming that we will be able to manage our jet lag issues since we will have been in airports and or on airplanes since about 10:30 2 days prior...figuring in time changes and all. Of course we are hoping to sleep on the overseas portion of our flight with SAS. With enough sleep, we figure that we should be able to make it through our day in Copenhagen with little problems...of course it might be an early night for us but we don't get to Copenhagen often so we plan to make the most of our visit there.
For more information about Tivoli Gardens, please click on the following link..  Tivoli Gardens
Tivoli Gardens should be quite nice in the evening hours when the sun goes down. They have everything lit up, which should make for great photos.
And from Tivoli Gardens it will be an approximately 20 minute walk back to our hotel where Veronica and I will most likely dive into bed and hibernate...at least until the following day when we get picked up by NCL personnel and shuttled to our awaiting ship, to start our 14 day cruise.
Luckily for us...the next day after we depart Copenhagen on the NCL Sun, we will be spending a day at sea...a chance for us to re-charge our batteries before we go to Norway.
Below is a Copenhagen city/street map showing the route we will be taking to get to the above mentioned destinations.

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