New Camera Testing And Medical Update

This morning Veronica and I headed to the Virginia Beach area.
After making a few shopping stops along the way, we went to my new Urologist office.
I call him my new Urologist but actually I had paid him a visit several years ago, when we lived in the Virginia Beach area. It was during that first visit that he suggested that I have a Prostate Biopsy done. Because it wasn't something that I really wanted to hear, I waved off his suggestion without a 2nd thought and went along my merry way.
Now it seems that I have come a complete circle and I was back visiting him again but this time I was ready and as willing as I could muster up to be, to get a Prostate Biopsy done on myself.
I got all of the info as to how this procedure will be done, what I need to do before the procedure, what I need to do after the procedure and what to look out for as far as potential problems stemming from having the procedure done.
The only thing that I didn't get was an appointment to have the procedure done. I am awaiting a call from the doctors secretary to set up a date and time to get this procedure completed.
Because there might be other males out there that might need to go this very same procedure done, I will be providing rather detailed information about this procedure and what the doctor told me.
Some of this information is rather embarrassing but I think that others might want to know what to expect...the good...the bad and the ugly.
I will provide all of the details in a future blog entry.
Right now though, I want to move onto something that is more fun and interesting.
As you might now, I just recently received my new Sony Cyber-Shot DSC- HX100V.
Now for a little background information...for the last couple of months or so, we have been dealing with a lot of smoke that is coming from the Pains Bay Fire in the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, near Stumpy Point, NC.
The smoke gets really bad around here especially when we get Southerly winds.
Recently we have received air quality health alerts from the National Weather Service out of Newport, NC. Some of these air health alerts have been of the code red variety...the worse you can get.
This afternoon we were/are under one of those code red air quality health alerts.
This poor air quality really effects ones respiratory system. My chest feels like I have a chest cold, my throat is sore and scratchy, the glands in my neck swell up and it hurts to swallow.
I decided that since it was so smoky outside and because I have a new camera to test out, why not combine both newsworthy stories into one blog entry....and people say I am not an efficient person. I got all you haters on this
I decided to take some still photos using this new camera. I left the setting on what they call the "Superior Auto" setting. This setting allows the camera to choose the best scene selection and all of the other photo settings in order to produce the best photograph.
Here are some of the smoky photos that I took around our residence:

You can get a rough idea as to how smoky it is around here. These were taken at around 7PM local time

Here are my first attempts at taking a Panoramic photograph using this new camera. You can choose to scan left to right, right to left, bottom to top or top to bottom. I am impressed with the ease of use and the quality of the photos taken by this camera.

 It is really going to be great using this Panorama feature when we do some traveling

And are a few videos that I took. They have 3 setting options as far as the quality that you want your video to be shown in. The better the quality, the bigger the file. For blogging purposes, I used to lowest setting, which has less detail and a lower quality than the highest HD setting. Of course you would need to view these videos on a HD television in order to get the full benefit of highest quality setting.
So far I give this camera 2 thumbs up. It has tons of features and is a very high quality camera. And I have hardly touched the surface as far as what this camera is capable of.
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