Veronica's Ipad Will Be Here Tuesday

Veronica and I had been tossing around the idea of getting her a new Apple Ipad.
I started doing some research and read many reviews comparing the Ipad vs. other available tablets.
About 1 month ago I started saving my money up to get her one and figured that I would have enough money saved up by Christmas time for an Ipad2 and a protective cover for it..
We were mainly looking for a 64gb plus 3G...with a data plan that would preferably be through Verizon.
I can't remember why, but for some reason we started checking on line to see what the prices were at various stores online.
We have purchased quite a bit of electronic items from a place called Vann's...a company based in Montana that has an online site. Vann's is a very reputable company that does not charge tax, except those that live in MT and for the most part, all items ship for free. Their prices can be pretty good at times.
While I was out in the garage doing my workout, Veronica popped her head out and told me that Vann's had an Ipad on sale for about $350.00 off.
I was a little skeptical to say the least.
I came in and went to the Vann's web site and found out that it was the original Apple Ipad 64GB with 3G that was on sale for a really good price, not the Ipad2, which is the latest version.
I decided to do a comparison between the original Ipad and the Ipad2, which sells for about $829.00....quite a chunk of change.
Some of the major changes made from the Ipad to the Ipad2 are a front facing and back facing camera.
These cameras have very low mega pixels and based on reviews that I have read, not very good cameras at all.
The Ipad2 was also given a much faster chip thus making it a really great tablet for the gamer genre.
I believe that there were a few other minor upgrades that the Ipad2 received over the original Ipad.
Since Veronica and I have nice cameras that are dedicated to taking photos and videos, the 2 cameras in the Ipad2 were needless upgrades for us.
As far as the much faster chip that the Ipad2 has, it would be nice to have pages/apps or anything else we wanted to see load up quicker but neither one of us are gamers. From what I had heard, the original Ipad was fairly fast to begin with but by no means as quick as the Ipad2.
Another change was made to the battery so that the battery life on the Ipad2 was a couple of hours longer that the original Ipad.
What we found at the Vann's web site was a brand new black in color original Apple Ipad with 64GB and 3G...where you could choose your own preference...ours being Verizon.
The original regular selling price of this Ipad was $829.77 but because it was on sale the price now was $479.77....a savings of $350.00 or approximately 42% off of the original price.
So Veronica and I sat down and discussed the pros and cons of the Ipad and the Ipad2 to see if the upgrades included in the Ipad2 justified us to pay an extra $350.00 for them.
The bottom line was that the upgraded Ipad2 was not worth the additional $350.00 and thus Veronica has her new Ipad on its way to her as I type this blog entry.
Vann's also had an Otterbox brand of protective cover that had a built in screen protector, which is an important feature to me, for a really good price of $33.77
I also decided to get a Square Trade warranty, that adds an additional 2 years onto the manufacturers warranty for a total of 3 years of great protection for this device. This warranty cost $59.00.
I think we made a good sound decision and I am sure that Veronica will really enjoy this device.
I also like the fact that we got a really good price on this Ipad.
My main problem was that this Ipad was supposed to be purchased in December and was to be given to Veronica as a Christmas gift.
Now I have to figure out a new gift to give her for Christmas.

Tomorrow Veronica is having a party for those that work at TJMaxx. I will have to get up early to do the grilling and tonight we will have to take a lot of the food items over to the clubhouse and then do some prep work on various platters for the party.
The weather people were talking about an 80% chance of thunderstorms for tomorrow but now it is down to 50%. Who knows but maybe by the time tomorrow rolls around, there will be a 10% chance of showers and instead of it being strictly an indoor party due to the bad weather, those attending might actually be able to go swimming in the pool that is outside of the clubhouse.

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