Last Of The Craft Studio Remodel Furniture Assembled

We finally returned home yesterday. After unloading the car of our luggage, we put everything away and started our usual after road trip 2 loads of laundry.
By mid-day we were ready to let let the real fun begin.
We started to unload the car of the 4 pieces of furniture that we purchased at IKEA. We unloaded each piece one at a time and rather than trying to drag the heavy boxes up 2 flights of stairs, we opened each box up in the garage and brought the furniture parts upstairs piece by piece.
Once again the second floor hallway became the furniture assembly control center as shown below.

Then there was one finished piece

Then there were 2 finished pieces

Then there were 3 finished pieces

Then there were 4 finished pieces

Then things got even better...FedEx showed up delivering another large pantry unit that we purchased that Veronica is going to use to store all of her paper in. After another hour or so there were 5  pieces of furniture finished. The only thing left was my aching back that was really "barking" at me by this time. 

Tomorrow we start the long process of moving items in, moving items out, weeding through everything, finding a place for all remaining items....basically putting Veronica's new Arts/Craft Studio back into working order. It might take a couple of days to get it finished but by the time it is done, it should look great. I will take more photos as soon as the job is completed.

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