The World Of Blogging

It never ceases to amaze me how many people from all over the world manage to find and view a blog.
Not that my blog is very interesting but I seem to have enough blog entries on subjects that people seem to be interested in...interested enough to do a search, whether it be a Google search or by use of another search engine or maybe by stumbling upon it from one of the many blog sites that I am registered in.
My humble blog has had almost 100,000 visitors from about 184 countries.
My blog is mainly here to detail memories, thoughts, opinions, trials and tribulations, achievements, battles won and battles lost on every front possible along with anything else that suits my fancy at any given time.
The most popular blog posts have been involving our travels, the worlds largest snake, a person called the Chalk Man and of course the ever popular size KKK (triple K) breast size.
Some things I write about are personal in nature, but I feel that they should be shared with others as somewhat of a public service type of thing and/or because someone else might be going through the same thing as me and it is nice to share the ups and downs, fears and happiness along with some insight about whatever the issue might be. This usually pertains to medical issues.
So as long as life keeps on happening to me, I will continue to write, memorialize and share whatever this life throws my way.

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