Exterior Projects continue

Yesterday we finally passed inspection after having a punctured gas line in the attic and having it spliced and the damaged section replaced. We have hot water and the other furnace running again.
The new roof has been completed and a new sky light installed.
Next will having all exterior wood trim and the soffit wrapped .
Our Home Owners Association has approved our choices of exterior paint colors and our request for the Generac whole house backup generator..Guardian Series 22Kw. Once we get the unit installed whenever the electricity goes out there will be a brief delay and then this unit will kick on. It runs on natural gas and will kick on automatically whether we are home or not. It is the largest residential size in the Guardian series and can run the whole house including our 2 zone HVAC system.
We also have the actual exterior painting to get done now that the colors have been approved.
This next group of projects will take a couple of months to complete but we are getting there.
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