My Garden Is Coming Along Nicely

It has been a little more than two weeks since I planted my vegetable garden. The plants in the garden and on the deck are coming along very nicely. Below are some photos of how well the plants are doing. I have only lost one lettuce plant. Not bad considering everything that I planted.
I also was able to completely finish my repairs to the fence that surrounds our yard. Each slat was checked and reinforcing nails were hammered in wherever they were needed.  Another 2 weeks and the people will come in to power wash the fence.
Next big chore on the list is to totally empty out and organize everything that is in the shed. That job will most likely take a couple of days. There is a ton of stuff i the shed and hopefully we can weed out and get rid of the things that we won't be using. That job won't be started until after the fence has been pressure washed.

Here are some of the vegetable pots that are on our back deck. In the foreground are various types of sweet peppers
 Below are some onions and lettuce
 Below are baby broccoli plants
 The long low pot in the front has carrots grown from seeds. They seem to be coming along slowly. Behind the carrots on the left are assorted sweet peppers  and to the right are some of the baby broccoli plants that are doing great

 Below are various views of my garden. From left to right and front to back there are lettuce plants, 2 tomato plants, baby broccoli plants, zucchini plants, assorted sweet peppers and 3 rows of sweet corn

 I have several pots like the one below that are for sweet onions- both Texas and Georgia sweet onions
 Below is Italian Oregano
 Below are assorted sweet pepper plants
 Baby broccoli
I also have some of the long planter boxes on the front of the shed that have sweet basil and oregano plants in them

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