Hard to find Food Favorites

I found this really cool web site called Old Town Favorites. They carry food and candy items that might have disappeared from your local grocery store shelves. I found candies that I haven't seen since the 50's. OK, no comments about me being an old codger. I remember having an item called Fizzies. I had my first Fizzy when I was no older the 5 years old and was living in Carmel, IN. A new candy store opened up in town and we were able to get these effervescent drink tablets. We would drop one or two tablets into water and voila we would have a bubbly refreshing drink. Back then they had all kinds of flavors. Of course the cola flavor was my favorite but the grape was good to. I had not seen Fizzies since those days but discovered them again at Old Town Favorites. This company has many food items including candy bars that you might have though were no longer available. You should check them out. They have a search engine too, so if you remember the name of your old time favorite candy bar, you know the one that you loved as a kid but haven't seen for years, just type it in and see if they carry it. Enjoy and have great time remembering those good ole days. http://www.hometownfavorites.com/
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