On The Comeback Trail

Yesterday I had my surgeries. We arrived at the Outer Banks Hospital around 9AM and by 9:45 I was butt naked except for one of those disposable hospital gowns on with the opening to the back of course.
The hospital was very quiet with very few patients there. The snow, sleet and ice that had previously fallen probably had a lot to do with number of people at the hospital. Even the scheduled surgeries had been whittled down to hardly anything because of the weather. They wheeled me into my surgical suite and by 1in the afternoon I was in our car and on my way home.
The rest of the day and evening is a blur for he most part. The doctor had pumped so much numbing stuff into my hand and knee that did not get m feeling back until early this morning.
When the numbness wore off, my knee was starting to really hurt. Sleeping last night was a little tough. I usually sleep either on my stomach or on my left side with one leg on top of the other. Unfortunately neither one of those positions were going to work out for me.
Today I plan on taking it easy, get some minor projects completed from my bed, getting caught up on some tv shows that we had recorded and hopefully catch up on some sleep that I was deprived of last night.
I am already really looking forward to being able to put my crutches down ad walking with my own 2 legs unassisted.
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