My New Friends

Last week while going for a walk, I noticed a couple of deer resting down below the elevated roadway near the point, that sticks out into the bay.
I stood there and watched them for a bit and let them get used to seeing me around. We stood watching each other for several minutes trying to see if we could get the other to blink first.
Of course the deer won.
Today on my walk I noticed 2 deer in the same basic area resting from the afternoon sun.
From where I was standing, the wind was blowing my scent away from them. They just sat there checking me out. I quietly left the area, only to return a few minutes later with Veronica's camera.
I was able to get a couple of photos of them before they got bored of me and decided to find something of more interest to keep them occupied.

And then there are these feathered friends. They hang out around the boat ramp, near the channel that leads out into the bay.

 Here are a few of the crabbers shacks that line the channel that leads out into the bay. Traffic at the boat ramp has already started to pick up as the crabbing season has started around here.

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