Store Party Followup

Yesterday Veronica held a party for those who work at her store.
Hot food, drinks, salads and and a bunch of assorted goodies were provided to those that had to work at the store.
For those that had the day off or for those that chose to stop by before going to work, the party was held at the clubhouse in or small subdivision.
We got very lucky with the weather. A day or two before the party, the weather service was predicting an 80% chance of showers.
All of the rainy weather held off until several hours after the party ended. For several hours the weather was really nice....sunny and a breeze to keep the heat down a bit.
The nice weather gave everyone a chance to go swimming in the pool.
We ended up having tons of food and goodies left over, which ended up going to the store with Veronica this morning.
Everyone had a good time and enjoyed each others company and the food.
The party ended around 5-5:30.

This morning I will be going to my first visit at my new Chiropractor's office. It is time to get my back and legs to feeling better.

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