Momma Ahlways Tode Me Too Mary A Gud Spella

Ken Gauthier also sent me this video. Make sure that you turn off my music player that is on the right hand column of my blog, before playing the video.

My Oh My Deer Friends

My friend, Ken Gauthier sent me these photos of the friendly deer that visit his place up in Ontario Canada. Thanks again for sharing Ken.

Ken out feeding his friends

Flowers Of The Day

It has been getting harder and harder to get out and take flower photos. We have been in a rainy rut for 5 days now. Standing water in the yard and more rain today. It looks like I will miss the major part of the Peony bloom, with us being on vacation next week. I might get lucky and catch a couple of new blooms tomorrow but that will be it. The Peony photos that I took are not the really nice ones either.

More Clematis

Another newly bloomed Iris
Here are some Snapdragons
A single pink Rose
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