Paula Deen Never Told Me...

Paula Deen never told me that there would be days like this.
After getting up this morning, grabbing a cup of coffee and doing some housecleaning, I finally got around to my most important job of the day and that was to make cupcakes for Team Maxxinista sales at the ACS 2011 Relay For Life, which starts tomorrow.
So I dug through the kitchen drawers and found the manliest apron that I could find...donned said apron and commenced to do some serious baking.
It took me about 7 hours to get everything done but in the end, we have about 18 dozen cupcakes to sale tomorrow.
And we aren't talking about just any old cupcakes, we have purple ones, deep pink ones, green ones and of course my favorite....chocolate ones.
These cupcakes will be sold as a "decorate your own cupcake" type of sale within our tent that will be set up at the Relay For Life event.
Below are some photos of today's baking marathon.
If you like what you see, I am available for all kinds parties ...birthday parties,
anniversary parties, parties for Bar Mitvahs, parties for Bat Mitvahs, parties for Twisted Sistas,  parties for Coming Out Mistas, parties for B- Listers, parties for removal of ones spleen and even parties for Charlie Sheen. I can even bake for Batchlorette parties too.
And I am not just limited to being a highly skilled baker mind you.
I can put on my man thong and dazzle you with my hip shaking and erotic dancing talents.
You might have actually heard of the famous erotic dance troupe that I worked with years ago...
No it is not the Chippendales...much better than that...I was a member of the Flippinsnails. We did everything that the Chippendales do but only at a much slower pace...thus the "snails" in our moniker.
So not only can I bake it, but I can also shake it.
So if you have a "shake it" or bake it" type of party coming up let me know and we can check for my availability.
This weekend won't be good for me though.
I will be spending this weekend participating in a great event for a very worthy cause...
The American Cancer Society 2011 Relay For Life Outer Banks NC.
If you would still like to sponsor me or donate to this worthy cause, then please click on the link above. Any and all donations will be greatly appreciate.
And now for the photographs of my baking skills:

I made quite the mess today with all of this baking that I did

I couldn't find our cooling racks so I had to improvise by using the circular mesh screens that you usually put on a frying pan to keep the splattering grease from flying everywhere. I put the splatter screens on a plate so that there could be some air flow to cool off the cupcakes before I put them in a tray.

 Below is a picture of the trays that I put the cupcakes in. Each tray held 2 dozen cupcakes except for one. One tray I had to double stack the cupcakes on top of each other with a piece of reynolds wrap in between the two levels. The trays fit inside of each other from the top but they have enough room in them so that the cupcakes don't get squished.
 Below are some of the Green cupcakes that I baked

Here are some of the bright pink ones that I made
Pretty darn talented wouldn't you say and outright yummy looking too

And below is a cleaned up kitchen after the baking was finished

 I know that it doesn't look like much but the photo below
represents 7 hours of work and 18 dozen cupcakes

Now it's time for a nap. I will let you know how everything went after the event is finished. Hopefully I will get some nice photos too.  

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