Canadian Vacation 2008 Day 4

The point where most of the follow ups occured Here I am casting for the big one
Veronica was in charge of the camera today.

The day started off bright and early. For me it was six a.m. and for Veronica it was 6:30. Upon getting up I washed up quickly then prepared sandwiches for our lunch. After Veronica got up, she did a quick wash up and got dressed. I made the beds.

We then went up to the lodge and had breakfast. Breakfast consisted of Pancakes and Sausage Links.

We then went back to our cabin and put much warmer clothes on seeing that it was a very cloudy rather cool damp misty day. After getting all bundled up, we headed down to our boat.

Throughout the day I had five follows back to the boat but none of the fish took the lure and ended up swimming away.

Cal ended up catching a 40 incher however it didn't make it into the boat... that is another story for a different day.

After about five hours of fishing and being out in the cold and my back hurting I decided to call it a day however here are some pictures to keep you going.

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