Crowne Plaza At Fort Magruder In Williamsburg, VA followup

Veronica and I had taken a long weekend break and went to Williamsburg, VA to visit Colonial Williamsburg and the surrounding area.
We stayed at the Crowne Plaza at Ft. Magruder in the Williamsburg, VA area.
Here is a link to that blog post about our hotel stay at the Crowne Plaza at Fort Magruder 
After leaving honest reviews at several web sites and also making contact with personnel at the hotel itself and corporate headquarters, we received a reply back.
Veronica had sent an email to someone at the hotel itself and told them that based on the sub par quality of our room, she felt that Crowne Plaza owed us a 2 night stay at the hotel in a much higher quality room.
Veronica received a telephone call from someone at the hotel. After discussing the issues that we encountered during our last stay, we were offered a 2 night stay for free. Veronica is supposed to contact this young lady, when we are interested in staying there again and that she would make sure that we received a high quality room for that stay.
I will make a blog entry  about our stay at the Crowne Plaza along with posting photos of our upgraded room there.
We haven't decided when we will return there. We are thinking that we might stay for a couple of nights before we head out to Las Vegas.
Veronica and I have decided to return to Las Vegas in February and we are flying out of Newport News.
Williamsburg is just up the road from Newport News, so we could take advantage of the 2 free nights that lead up to the date of our early morning flight.
I have signed up for many different fare and hotel alerts that I receive as email.
In one of those alerts, MGM had a special for the Monte Carlo, which is right on the strip.
I was able to get a 350 square foot Deluxe room in the Monte Carlo for around $36 a night plus they give us a discount coupon booklet for various things.
We will be staying for 5 nights.
It will be nice to return to Las Vegas and see some of the sites that we missed last time.
This time around, I won't be slowed down by any foot problems like I had last time.
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