Day #10 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Today Veronica and I spent an enjoyable day exploring Dubrovnik with our newly made friends Laura and Ray from Colorado. We first met Laura and Ray in the boat that we were all on during our excursion to Murano and Burano.
Veronica and I did go off on our own for just a brief period of time...long enough to go up to the top of the wall that surrounds the Old Town. The wall runs approximately 1.24 miles around the Old Town.
Below are some photos that were taken both from atop the wall that surrounds Old Town and from within the Old Town itself:

Laura and Veronica buying a souvenir Good Luck Dubrovnik Heart
Various views from atop the Old Town walls

This persons dwelling is right at the top of the wall

Below is a better view of what might be Cafe Buza

Down below is a cafe built into the rocky cliff. I was going to find a well known cafe in the area called Cafe Buza but ran out of time. Not sure if this is it but it could have been. From what I have read, there are 2 Cafe Buzas, Cafe Buza 1 and Cafe Buza 2. Unless you really know where they are, you can only find them by looking for a hole in the wall. Here is a web site with directions to get to Buza

 you are wondering how much everything was. Well first off the Croatian currency is the Kuna. On the date of this writing, 11/2/13, the going rate for 1 Kuna is 0.1901 according to Bank of America. So by using that rate....the pizza was approximately 11.78USD and each Coca Cola was approximately 3.80 or approximately 15.20USD. This is before what appears to be their tax. Total for a pizza lunch and 4 cokes before tx is $26.98USD...Now total for a pizza lunch, 4 coca colas with with wife and friends in Dubrovnik, Croatia while on a cruise....PRICELESS!!! 

The Carnival Sunshine docked right in front of us

Now this guy had a little itty bitty fishing boat



Had a couple of photos that I wanted to experiment with. I kind of like some of the effects on them.

A couple more towel animals brought to us by Pepito

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