I Now Now Have My Own Web Site For The Sale Of My Photographs

Do you like some of the photos that I have taken of the sunsets or maybe from one of the countries or cities that I have visited?
I am now selling prints of my photographs on my own web site called Rick Rosenshein Photography in conjunction with Fine Art America.
My web site is dedicated to the exhibiting of my numerous photos that I have for sale.
My photos can be mounted, matted, framed, put on canvas, on metal or many other possibilities that are listed.
My prints are available in various sizes to fit your decorative needs.
So please feel free to browse my selection of fine prints and I want the Thank You in advance for visiting my new venture.

Tonigh'ts Sunset Was Another Beautiful One

Veronica and I went to a different location so that I could photograph tonight's sunset. The new location turned out to be great. And the beautiful sunset did not hurt any either.

Tonight's Sunset Photos

Below are photos taken of tonight's sunset overlooking Blount Bay and Colington Harbour

93 Days And Counting

In 93 days Veronica and I will be flying to Paris, France. We still have some last minute items that need to be taken care of. We still have to decide on what Paris passes we should buy. They have a couple of package deals from various companies. Each package includes metro passes and museum admission passes along with several other benefits. We will probably purchase those passes in September.
We also need to confirm our dates with the house sitter.
I am sure that there will be a few other items we will need to take care of before we leave but at least all of the major items have been taken care of.

Another Beautiful OBX Sunset

Here are a few photos from tonight's sunset:

Photos Of Tonights Sunset

Tonight we had another beautiful sunset here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.. Here are some photos of it.

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